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Over the last few years, especially with the new 4 in 1 series of games and the even newer 'legends' games, Pompeii has had a real resurgence in popularity. For players sitting down at a Pompeii slot machine for the first time, the absence of traditional pay lines may be a bit jarring. Throw in one of the more interesting and historically detailed themes in the world of slot machines, along with fun additions like the erupting screen, and it becomes clear why Pompeii was named to Aristocrat's prestigious Legends lineup of classic titles. The Legends one is so good, I am wanting to fly back to Vegas right now just to play it, along with Miss Kitty and all the others in that new range, that are so amazing. Another added treat during the Pompeii free spins bonus round is that the erupting volcano wild symbol can replace the gold coin scatter symbol to generate even larger wins. From gameplay mechanics and bonus rounds to fresh themes, they always come up with something to add to their range to keep players entertained.

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Pompeii Slot Game Review

You will also find a playable version of the game as well:. In the year 79 A. What followed was a wave of burning ash which instantly enveloped the city of Pompeii, burying its buildings and citizens before the vast majority could even attempt to escape. While the story of Pompeii is indeed a tragic tale, today the city remains eerily intact, preserved as it once was by the instantaneous rush of ash. In the "Garden of the Fugitives" the bodies of victims can still be seen, lying in situ in the very spot where they fell nearly two millennia ago.

Tourists have been visiting the archeological site in Pompeii for more than years, marveling both at the awesome power of nature's fury, and the ultimate fragility of their own humanity.

With that in mind, Aristocrat sought to design their Pompeii slot machine game to be at once historically intriguing and realistic to the experience. Of course, you won't see hot ash spewing from the machine. But when you happen to land a big winner, the game screen will shake violently while coins shoot up from the center of the screen and rain down like lava. The title screen for Pompeii also helps to enhance the gravity of the game's theme. You'll see the word Pompeii written in large capitalized letters, with the last two letters appearing as II to further the Roman connection.

On either side of the foreground are familiar Roman architecture, with high columns and arches, but the center of the screen is where the action happens. Mount Vesuvius looms large, with the mountaintop already exploding in a volcanic eruption for the ages. The skies are filled with ash clouds which cover the entire title screen, as gold coins raining down on the doomed city.

The background screen during the Pompeii base game is simply a replica of the title screen, with smaller buildings being claimed by the same massive eruption in the background. As an Aristocrat classic, you'll find the basic card rank reel symbols of 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, which the company uses on most slot games. As for the themed reel symbols, you'll be playing with the dolphin amulet, the Roman helmet, the gold coin, the sword and shield, the horse-drawn chariot, and the erupting volcano.

The level of detail Aristocrat managed to include in Pompeii's design scheme is certainly impressive. In addition, to the screen eruptions when you land big winners, pay close attention to the gold coin reel symbol.

History buffs might notice that the coins are actually inscribed with the words "Veni, Vidi, Vici," which represent a famous quote from Julius Caesar meaning "I came, I saw, I conquered. For players sitting down at a Pompeii slot machine for the first time, the absence of traditional pay lines may be a bit jarring.

After all, the pay line system is used by most slot machines to determine whether or not you've landed winning combinations. In Pompeii, however, Aristocrat has built in the company's Reel Power gameplay engine. Aristocrat's Pompeii slot has a great mix of big wins in both normal play and the free spins bonus. That is not to say that it pays all the time and does have a tendency to blow hot and cold in my experience. As part of a migration online, Aristocrat have released Pompeii slot through a limited number of gaming sites.

This means there are more winning line opportunities, to be precise. This appears on the second reel multiplying wins by 3x and on the fourth reel multiplying wins by 5x. If you get both on a winning line the you get a multiplier of 15x. Win up to 20 Free Spins in the Free Spins Bonus The free spins bonus in Pompeii is triggered by the Pompeii gold coin Scatter appearing on adjacent reels from the left most reel.

This feature gives the players ways to win, as opposed to the more standard win lines found at many other games. The volcano is the wild symbol at the slot, somewhat unusually only appearing on the second and fourth reels of the game.

This feature symbol will activate the free games round if appearing three or more times in a row, as opposed to anywhere on the slot like the majority of scatter symbols elsewhere. During the free spins, the wild symbol takes on much greater importance. Any wins using the wild on reel two will see a 3x multiplier applied to your win. Wins using the wild on reel four are even better with a 5x multiplier attached.

However, the biggest multiplier of all is saved for when you use the wild on both of the reels, this seeing a 15x multiplier in play.

Playing the Pompeii Slot

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