6 month cd rates

The downside is that it is not always convenient to lock up your money for a longer period. Patelco 6 Month CD. CDs provide a predictable, set rate of return. This is not necessarily the right decision because your needs now might be different than when you last signed up for a CD. Plan and Optimize Your Finances. Choosing the length of a CD is not an all-or-nothing decision.


Best 6-month CDs for 2018

When interest rates are falling, it is often preferable to lock in high rates for an extended period of time with a longer-term CD. When interest rates are rising, depositors should avoid committing their money for long periods of time.

To see interest rate trends, visit the BestCashCow rate analysis page. To understand all of the income generating options available to a saver, please view the Income Generating Investments Comparison Chart. Find out how much extra money you can earn by moving your bank money into an account that pays more. BestCashCow is the most comprehensive bank rate site on the Internet. We scan rates from over 8, banks and 7, credit unions to find and display the best deals for those looking to earn and save more.

You can learn more about the company here. Funds deposited in FDIC banks and within insurance limits are protected by the full faith and credit of the United States government. CDs provide a predictable, set rate of return.

The CD can be opened from the comfort of your house. Six month CDs currently pay interest rates significantly below many online and branch-based savings and money market accounts.

The deposited money is committed for six months. The account must be opened online and all inquiries must be conducted online or via the phone. Depending on the bank, the opening and funding process can take several days to weeks although the bank generally locks the rate once the application has been received and approved.

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service. Get Rate Updates via Twitter:. We are not a bank or credit union and are not affiliated with any. This information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for specific financial advice.

While we aim to keep our information accurate and current, the rates and information shown on this page may be inaccurate or be out of date. Please check with banks directly for the most up to date and accurate information.

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Best 1-year CDs for 2018

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